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SOFT LEFT is a political broadcast where comedians hash out news and events as they unfold in a COVID New World. In the style of British panel shows Soft Left is an outlet for Canadian comedians to share their opinions and debate issues.

The genesis of this show began during the pandemic lockdown. It forced the shut down of all venues and shows and for the first time in recent history, comedians had no place to work out material and bring laughter. Soft Left provided a tiny refuge in an isolated world.

Hosted by award winning comedian and activist Sandra Battaglini who founded a grassroots movement to lobby for comedians rights in Canada and co-founded The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians, she brings together some of the country’s most celebrated and unique voices from the comedy world.

They are:

Saturday Night Live Brazil alumni Carol Zoccoli is the show’s foreign affairs correspondent, with a special eye on the insanity unraveling in Brazil.

Juno Award Nominee for best comedy album, The Abyss Stares Back, Monty Scott, brings together biting satire and an uncanny ability to compare and contrast.

Storyteller, character inventor and award winning director, Phil Luzi is also the world’s first and only quarantine couturier and model.

Our resident unboxer Candice Gregoris follows all slaughterhouse and meat related drama.

This panel is #unreal and #unfiltered.

Produced by Red Fedora Comedy, Johanne Britton aka Mob Boss Jo is the wizard behind the political curtain. Her company The Mob’s Press works with Artists and Cultural Producers to maximize their online visibility.

There is no issue too robust or contentious for the Soft Left Panel. Here are some of the stories they’ve sunk their teeth into:

– Slaughterhouses as hot spots of the novel corona virus

– It’s The American Deep State

– Police Brutality, Anti-Black Racism and Totalitarian States

– Migrant Workers as the most vulnerable pandemic workers

So sit back, take a soft left and join the panel as they weave their way around the shocking, the ludicrous and sometimes predictable news and events that occupy our minds.

Soft Left is the opposite of a Hard Right!

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Our Panelists


Sandra Battaglini

Candice Gregoris

Phil Luzi

Monty Scott

Carol Zoccoli

The Soft Wizard

Mob Boss Jo

Mob Boss Jo